Virtual Loyalty Card

Our way of saying thank you

For every order that we receive (via social media or our website) the customers' email address is logged against a virtual loyalty card.

You will then receive points for every order that you place, which will turn into discounts to be used on your future orders!

There's no catch, no fees, just a little gift to show you that you are appreciated!

Initial Order

1 Point for every £5 spent - upto a maximum of 15 points per order

2nd Order onwards

1 Point for every £10 spent - upto a maximum of 10 points per order

Point Value

10 points = £5 off your next purchase
15 points = £10.00 off your next purchase
20 points = £15.00 off your next purchase

Loyalty Card Events

Throughout the year we will hold 'events' where you can get an increased number of points for your purchases - these will be advertised on our social media pages & website

To Redeem

We will send an email to notify you when you have enough points for a redeemable amount.
The email will contain a unique discount code which can be used to redeem your points. 
If you choose to save your points, you will receive a new discount code once you meet the next redeemable value.

Not interested?

We understand that not everybody wants to save money on their purchases.  To opt out, simply reply to our discount voucher email saying 'STOP' & we won't bother you again.