The Tiny Love Meadow Days Dynamic Gymini Activity Gym is a uniquely versatile baby activity mat with adjustable moving arches that adapt to baby's age and stage, encouraging the development of fine and gross motor skills from day one.


With 12 activities to choose from, this interactive play mat offers a fun and entertaining multi-stage development environment.


Plus, there are 4 different modes of use: lying, tummy time, sit and play and bonding, ensuring you and baby get the most out of all it has to offer, including a huge range of features:


Keep in mind: although there is no definitive cut-off age for play mat use as every baby develops at a different pace, most activity mats will be appropriate for use up to roughly 6 months. Keep in mind that this play mat is designed for use when baby is stationary - either on their back, tummy or bottom - and may not be best supportive for baby as they're crawling or rolling over.


More about your play activity gym:

  • Extra-large play mat to let baby roll around comfortably and, later on, sit up and play
  • Open arches mode creates the ultimate space, allows easy access and encourage bonding time
  • Electronic, removable recording bird toy with lights and music feedback stimulates baby and encourages the development of language, communication and cognition, allowing you to record sweet messages for younger baby and toddlers to record themselves
  • 12 activities to support your baby’s development
  • Mirror for extended tummy time which also doubles as a picture frame
  • Colourful hanging toys to entertain baby
  • Integrated hooks on the arches for easy positioning of the hanging toys
  • Four activities on the playmat: mirror, crinkly area, tummy time pillow, peek-a-boo crinkly tree and an easy to grasp carrot teether./li>
  • Adjustable arches allows for quality time for baby and parent
  • Suitable from birth to approx. 12 months
  • Folds and easy to carry

Meadow Days Playmat